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Contract Review
Legal Compliance

Diverse Recycling Solutions will not only help you keep compliant with local trash disposal and recycling law, we will help you keep ahead of the trend to avoid fines, build good practices, and become more sustainable. 

Recycling Bottles
Waste Disposal & Recycling Solutions

Not sure how to get rid of that office furniture or that weird metal thing out back? Want to start a composting program, but you don't know where to begin? Do you suspect there's a better way to do this, but you aren't sure how? We can help with that! 

Working Together
Recycling System Development & Rollout

At Diverse, we understand that recycling plans are rarely "one size fits all". Our team of experts will design a program that makes sense for your space. Not only will we install it, we will handle followup education and maintenance for it as well. 

Checking Text on a Document
Certification Assistance

Seeking higher a higher standard of sustainability? Diverse will help you achieve TRUE Zero Waste certification, and can conduct LEED waste audits to help you earn the credits you need. 

Waste Pickup
Waste Hauler Brokerage

Finding the right hauler is about more than price, and the process can be daunting. Diverse knows how to not only find you the right hauler for the size of your business, but for the waste and recyclables you generate. 

To get started on one or more of these projects, contact Diverse today!

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