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New Waste Containerization Regulations

As you may have heard, Mayor Eric Adams has passed a new Sanitation Rule which mandates that all restaurants, cafes, groceries, and other food service establishments place all of their garbage in lidded, rodent-resistant bins.

This does not impact organics recycling programs, clear or clear-blue bagged recyclables, or cardboard. Metal, glass, plastic, and paper may still be set out in loose bags, and cardboard may be bagged or bundled, and set out beside your cans.

Bins are to be stored inside, or within three feet of the property line, against the outside of the building, and must be returned to those locations within one hour of opening your location on the day after collection.

This rule will go into effect on July 30th.

We understand that these rules are being implemented suddenly, and with little advanced notice. Diverse is monitoring these new and proposed rules, and will keep you up to date about any changes as they occur.

Diverse is available to assist with all transitions, and can assist you in procuring bags, bins, signage, labeling, and training for your staff. If you have any questions or require any assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to your Diverse representative.

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