New York City law requires that all bins be labeled according to their designated use. These vinyl bin labels are designed to be easily visible without drawing unwanted attention, easy to apply, and sturdy enough to last. 


Please include the building name or address that you would like included on the label. To include a logo, please send a high resolution copy of the desired logo to with your purchase confirmation number in the subject line.


NOTE: Please ensure that you are purchasing recycling labels that are appropriate for your system of recycling (either single stream or source separated). If you are unsure what your recycling system is, please contact Diverse Recycling Solutions, LLC or your property manager before purchasing. 


Too many bins, not enough time? Select hand delivery at checkout and your Diverse consultant will contact you to schedule a time when they can personally apply the labels to your bins for you. 


6.5 inches x 5 inches

Personalized Single Stream Recycling Label