Recycling Hall of Fame: Major League Soccer

Diverse is excited to highlight Major League Soccer as our first inductee into the Recycling Hall of Fame for making exceptional strides in the three “R’s” of sustainability.

What they reduced: MLS has made it into the Hall of Fame because of the extra efforts they have put into reducing their waste generation at their Manhattan office. By installing a soda fountain with more than 100 flavors and no longer purchasing bottled and canned beverages, MLS will have reduced their annual waste generation by more than 70,000 cans and bottles. That's almost 4,000 lbs of plastic bottles!

What they reused: MLS has replaced all of their single-use cups, mugs, flatware, and silverware with reusable alternatives. They have also provided all employees with reusable travel mugs.

What they recycled: Over Earth Week, MLS recycled over 100 lbs of electronic waste, keeping it out of landfills and ensuring that it will be recycled in safe, environmentally conscious facilities. They also recycle their single-use coffee pods to keep them out of landfills, and have water bottle filling stations in their cafeterias year-round!

Want to learn more about Major League Soccer's commitment to sustainability? You can read about their Greener Goals here!

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